“Voice lessons with Jeanne have greatly helped expand my range, improve my tone quality, and sing with expression and confidence.  I can't thank her enough for helping me prepare for my auditions and performances.”  
Elizabeth F., high school musical theater actress

“I sing for a nine-piece high energy party band that gets very busy in the summer season.  For years, at the end of the summer, I would hardly be able to talk, and would put on a mediocre performance at best.   I decided to take some lessons with Jeanne.  Needless to say, this past summer I did not lose my voice once thanks to Jeanne.  I am slowly becoming a singer and not a screamer.  Thank you, Jeanne!”  Todd H.


Singing is an art that thrives with knowledge, practice, and inspiration.  It is also a personal and spiritual journey!  As a voice teacher and vocal coach, Jeanne O’Connor can help students of different ages and tastes develop their unique instruments and let their voices soar.    

In her years as a professional singer, Jeanne O’Connor has trained with master teachers with expertise in classical, jazz, and contemporary styles.  They include Anne Marie Moss, Cornelius Reid, Jane Burbank, Amy London, and Liz Fleischer.    In her years as a professional in New York City and beyond, Jeanne has enjoyed “on the job” training in a multitude of musical situations:  jazz groups, big bands, pop and contemporary bands, classical ensembles, and vocal groups.

So who studies with Jeanne?  First-time students of all ages who want to explore their voices; professional singers who are looking for advanced technique or help with recording sessions; grade school kids who love to sing; middle- and high-school students who want coaching for auditions, concerts,  plays, or NYSSMA repertoire; jazz singers who want to improvise; lovers of the “Great American Songbook” who want to explore the  songs of composers like Gershwin, Porter, and Richard Rodgers; pop, folk, and rock vocalists who want to preserve and enhance their vocal power;  singers who want to create charts and need tips on working with instrumentalists and leading a band; harmonizers and choral singers who want to create or improve their harmonies with other singers.  

With time-tested progressive exercisesJeanne teaches:   

• Physical and vocal warmups

• Breath support and placement of tone

• Range and vocal registers 

• Resonance, tone, and accurate pitch

• Articulation and enunciation

• Song study: rhythm, melody, and lyrics

• Interpretation, phrasing, and connecting to the lyric

• Sight-singing and musical literacy

• Developing a practice routine

• Performance skills and auditions

• Discovery of your own unique voice and musical identity

Beyond the basics, and depending on musical tastes, she can help students explore:

• “Broadway” styles

• “Belting” and pop melisma

•  Improvisation

• Jazz  “scatting” and chord theory

• Working with a band

• Creating and singing harmonies with other singers

• Building a repertoire

Jeanne draws from a variety of excellent books and recordings, and can create custom-designed exercises and accompaniments for students.  Students often receive written guides via email or Dropbox to facilitate practice.   Through her professional connections in the NY Capital region and beyond, Jeanne also facilitates performing opportunities for students.  

Jeanne works behind the keyboard at her home studio in Saratoga Springs, NY.  

Contact her through this email to consult about arranging a lesson! jeanneoconnor1@gmail.com